This past winter I kept on my desk a seemingly dead cocoon, waiting for it to metamorphose into a moth – or a chrysalis into a butterfly. We had visited the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory with our 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren, and even though it was a cloudy day, witnessed the emerging of a butterfly from its chrysalis. It is always so wonderful to watch the enthusiasm and joy of young children seeing something for the first time! And that is one of the challenges of homeschooling: helping children continue to be enthusiastic about learning, and maintaining the enthusiasm for home education ourselves. We have to remind ourselves sometimes to step back from “teaching” and simply allow it to happen naturally, especially concerning natural sciences. It can be quite a challenge if you have many children, or if there are illnesses or learning difficulties, or financial struggles, etc…. That’s when I have found a support group to be so necessary. There you can share your struggles and gain prayer support and maybe some solutions that others have found worked for them. For those of us who have been homeschooling a long time, perhaps the need to attend support group meetings is not seen as so necessary for ourselves anymore, but consider how you may help a younger mother. She may benefit from hearing your story and so get knowledge, confidence, and encouragement. I have read of groups offering to match new/inexperienced homeschoolers with veterans, and that seems to me to be something that could work very well as it’s an ongoing relationship. Whatever the situation, if you are suffering, it’s up to you to reach out otherwise no one else may know; and if you on the other hand sense or know someone is suffering, consider offering a listening ear and/or a helping hand.

Chapter news:
TEACH of Brantford’s Spring Electives classes for elementary students; swimming and gymnastics lessons; track and field meet, as well as the graduation ceremony, are over now of course. The first year of the high school co-op was successful, and registration for the coming year is in process. The new and used curriculum fair in June was held in a new, spacious venue.

From Beacon’s leader: “Beacon’s first few months of 2017 have flown by at a quick pace! We’ve been learning about Science at the Ontario Science Center, going back time to learn about baking and the household staff at Dundurn Castle, sharing with others at our World Geography day event and running a bustling Spring Co-op that includes History, Art, and Public Speaking as subjects. It’s been a great term and we’re looking forward to continuing on with our trip to Cambridge Butterfly Museum, and the year-end picnic, where we will meet with our friends to celebrate the beginning of another summer.” Beacon also hosted their 2nd used curriculum sale at the Ancaster fairgrounds.

Looking forward to see what next year brings!

Written by Elaine Togeretz