Area 9 has seen much growth on the homeschooling front. I am looking forward to an area picnic in September. I have enjoyed getting out and meeting with the chapters in my area.

I am truly blessed to serve many amazing families on behalf of OCHEC.

I have spent much time in thought & prayer and am sorry to announce that this year’s L.E.N.S. conference has been put off to next year. The old saying, “one has to put on your own oxygen mask first – to be of any good to others” rings strong in my life at the moment. 

It is still my passion to walk along side families with dear children who have a learning struggle or special need.  But

I have to take care of myself, my dear husband and children,
so that I can be a blessing and help to others. My own family has been through a lot in the past year and the Lord was very clear, that this year it was not to be.  I look forward to next year’s L.E.N.S. conference.  I am starting to work to bringing some amazing speakers and a great Mom panel. I pray it will be a great blessing to many.

This brings me to something the Lord has laid on my heart and I share a few simple thoughts. May we each search our hearts and make sure we aren’t allowing ourselves to be so busy that we miss the blessing he has for us – by being “still” at times.

We are called first to be women and men for God, next husbands and wives, then mothers and fathers, and last of all –  to the works, to which God has called us. Sometimes I believe strongly we see a good and Godly work and say yes – without stopping and searching whether it is for us or someone else. 

As homeschooling moms and dads, I believe we are extra susceptible to this. It is good to search our hearts as we head into a new year.  When we look at our lives and schedules – is there room and time to be still and meditate on our Lord and Saviour and his Word.  I have heard several great ladies say- “In this season, it is okay if you don’t have time to study the Word of God, it is okay.”

May I encourage each of you dear parents – nothing could be further from the truth!  We aren’t just schooling our children in academics – aiming for scholarships and great university acceptance letters.  Our chief aim and goal is to raise young men and women for Christ. How can we accomplish this goal if we don’t sit and make it a priority, above all else, to spend time with the One whose guidance we need to do this most high calling?

May I encourage you, young and exhausted moms of dear young ones, and busy moms running older children here and there, might your highest priority and aim be to spend a bit of time each day with His Word.  How can we pray our children will be men and women of the Bible if they don’t see this as a priority in our own lives??

I pray these simple thoughts may encourage each of us to start this year off on the right foot and make sure we schedule the most important things in.

Written by Christina Faviere