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Getting Started Booklets - supplies running low

Sun, 2016-08-21 09:21 -- Kim McLaren

Getting Started: Home Education in Ontario

We have about three copies left. If you would like one, please call Heather at the office at 519-608-2332.

We are having another print run. The books should be available by late September. 


Submitted by Kim McLaren on

HI there,

If you would still like a copy of this book, please contact the office at 519-608-2332 or secretary@ochec.org - there may be a couple on hand still. We are working to get the reprinted. 

Submitted by terryrogers on

Are you not considering for a reprint of this booklet, after all, this has been so saleable and that in fact many still looking for it. Although some that I known saying this cost a bit higher, so why not reprint one that can be affordable for many. I understand the cost of printing, materials, publishing and many other aspects contributes to risen the price, so I suggest try some printer that almost do the same method but a little lesser for the cost, and a good thing prints are all in digital format. Try or check this one at http://www.digitekprinting.com/.

Submitted by Kim McLaren on

Hi Terry,

We are having them reprinted.  Thanks for the tip on printing places.