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Want to add your support group to our network?

Join more than 50 groups across Ontario that are connected with OCHEC.  With access to our leaders resources and special discounts, you can get the support you need to be an effective leader and facilitator for your group members.

Benefits of Group Membership

               Access to Leaders Facebook Page
               Sample Constitutions & By Laws
               Support Group Leaders Manual
               Letters of reference for support group & members 
               Discounts on Store products
               Discounts on Training sessions
               Free copy of Homeschooling Canada 101 Manual for Mentors

How to Register

Step 1: Take Out Membership

Currently OCHEC does not require any members of the support group to have membership  with OCHEC in order to set up a support group acknowledged by OCHEC. OCHEC prefers that at least one of your members is a member of OCHEC in order to keep you better informed and connected..

If you would like to become an individual OCHEC  member,

Click here  follow the steps for individual membership but be sure to return here for the support group membership

Step 2: Submit Application Form

As a member, you can register your group by filling out the application form below.

Step 3: Review & Approval Process

Once we have received your application, we will follow up by phone or email to confirm any details. 

It is required that the support group be registered by one of the support group leaders and this leader s required to read and affirm the OCHEC Constitution and agree with the OCHEC Statement of Faith (Article 4 of the Constitution).

Group affiliation application form

  • Contact Information

    Only one person from your leadership needs to register your group.
  • If your Group is not in this list, please select 'Other' and type your Group's name in the box below.
  • Please supply us with your website. This will be on the OCHEC website under local groups. This is optional. Suggestion: If public, you may not want to have your phone number or email address. Instead, use a form on your website, or comment option on a blog page. Please feel free to contact me at
  • if applicable
  • if applicable
  • Please indicate the person who OCHEC Office or your Area Rep should contact for new inquiries.
  • Please give an estimated number of families in your Group. This is including OCHEC members and non-affiliated members.
  • We welcome you and all your members. Please feel free to share your comments with us.

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