Join us in reminiscing.

The effectiveness of your prayers, God’s goodness as well as the labours of OCHEC volunteers, and staff have brought us to where we are today. We continue to be one of the only provinces to enjoy non-invasive laws. OCHEC serves as the leader in Christian home education in Ontario.


  • Newsletter (printed) started 1994
  • OCHEC Convention in partnership with KWCHE 1995
  • OCHEC Convention 2001
  • Network Support Groups
  • Reach out to individual members
  • These were the days of telephone trees
  • Prepared lists of homeschool suppliers
  • Hired a part-time administrative assistant approx. 2004


Nothing OCHEC has done, could have been done without God’s blessing.
Yet we have seen specific incidents where God has blessed us by preparing situations that were
way beyond anything we could have envisioned.

Direct influence on the Ontario Homeschool Policy called PPM 131

We introduced ourselves to the PSAC (Provincial School Attendance Counsellor). The PSAC called  a group together to explore “Best Practices” for school boards, attendance counsellors, and homeschoolers. These meetings were sputtering out when the Premier’s Office called for better relationships with homeschooling families. The were a number of conference calls between government officials writing the policy and homeschool organizations including OCHEC.

Drivers Licences
The provincial government wanted to discourage high school dropouts when compulsory education was changed from age 16 to age 18. The proposal was that to obtain a drivers licence when you were younger than 18, you had to attend school or have already received your grade 12 diploma, with obvious ramifications to homeschool students. OCHEC pointed out the problem in discussions with the province; and the requirement was removed from the proposed law.

Grassroots Lobby
There were people that did not understand homeschooling trying to set up a certification body for homeschool parents to be certified as teachers. OCHEC contacted these people to describe the homeschool community and how it works. They dropped their proposal.


  • World class research by helping fund NHERI
  • Representation before the government
  • Provincial School Attendance Counsellor
  • Day at the legislature
  • Revenue Canada issues
  • Representation on an ad hoc basis before the media
  • Provide supporting documentation for individual family members


OCHEC believes in the value of surrounding yourself locally with likeminded individuals.
For this reason OCHEC encourages the development of local support groups, helping to connect geographically close families.

When a person moves or is beginning their homeschool journey, an area representative is there to assist that person settle into their local homeschool community.


  • Home grown speakers for your support group event
  • Discuss difficult issues with support group leaders
  • Expertise gained from other locales – in Ontario and elsewhere is disseminated and used for your benefit


  • Website content for legal resources
  • Bi-weekly eNewsletter
  • Additional alerts
  • Facebook Page and Group, blog
  • Phone calls
  • Convention speakers-local and national



OCHEC seeks out mentors! 

  • New homeschoolers can connect with the mentor for questions
  • Have a question? A mentor is there to answer
  • In a period of need? A mentor will be glad to share their wisdom
  • Have an exceptional student?  A mentor with experience is ready to offer encouragement and ideas


  • Exclusive OCHEC Publications
  • Facebook group for Leaders only discussions on issues
  • Leadership Training at annual symposium
  • Leadership, mentoring, conflict resolution, social media, special needs
  • Topical sessions by OCHEC speakers at your support group
  • Funding as available for local and provincial initiatives
  • Invitation to HSLDA leaders convention
  • Invitation to Alliance leaders convention


  • Renewal of Vision
  • Free pre-convention evening for those considering attending.
  • Inspiring speakers
  • Topics for the whole family
    • Curriculum, Specific Subjects
    • Worldview
    • Parenting
    • Special needs
    • How to – new, scheduling, homemaking, finance
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Full spectrum of exhibitors for all types of curriculum
    • Hallway conversations and connections


  • Volunteers have done the bulk of the OCHEC work
  • Part time paid administrative assistant for a period of time
  • Currently OCHEC is blessed with a convention committee of volunteers (looking for an Exhibit Hall Coordinator)
  • For a period of time there was no newsletter due to a volunteer retiring
  • Currently OCHEC is blessed with another volunteer team, along with a paid service, redeveloping the website and bringing you eNewsletter
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