New this year, OCHEC Member benefit.  All OCHEC members who attend the convention will receive Full Convention MP3 Set.  A value of $15.  This will replace the $5 member discount at time of registration in years past.   Pre-ordering is not necessary for OCHEC Members attending the Convention.

Dr. Joel Beeke
Linda Crosby
Cory McKenna
Stacey Weeks
Linda Hoffman
Cori Dean
Matthew Turton
Joanne Kress
Robin Herman
Greg Bylsma
Paula Maretzki
Louise House
Laurel Núñez
Michael Thiessen
Elizabeth Millar
Sherine Boville
Stephen Priddle
Jacki Knight
Vanessa Brobbel
Greg Monette
Robin Gilman
Ron & Robin Herman
Samantha Cameron
Bob and Gwen Bramhill
Maaike Rosendal
Diane Geerlinks