2010 Full Convention MP3 Set


1 downloadable ZIP file that contains all the sessions in MP3 format (Caution: this is a LARGE download — 1.2GB)



Cory McKenna
Mary Ann Eagleson
Bruce Eagleson
John Stonestreet
Pauline Turton
Joanne van’t Voort
Elaine Togeretz
Karen Gauvreau
Chris Pacholczak
Jewell Williams
Sandy Rusby Bell
Cheryl Burella
Donna Fawcett
Sylvia Funk
Bev Rempel
Beth Rockwell
Jeff Rockwell

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1 downloadable ZIP file that contains all the sessions in MP3 format (Caution: this is a LARGE download — 1.2GB)


The Dash of Destiny-Cory McKenna
As a homeschool family, are you just living your life…or are you leaving a legacy? This challenging and inspiring session takes a candid look into the life of Moses to see how vital vision and steadfastness are to running the race to win what matters most in the end.

Teaching Our Children to Teach Themselves- Mary Ann Eagleson
The responsibility load on homeschooling parents, especially in the early years, can be overwhelming. Mary Ann, a homeschooling mom of 23 years, shares some of the ways their children have experienced independent learning in the home education setting, thereby giving all family members some measure of independence. She will explore, with some doses of humor, educational options that have helped them in this realm, record keeping issues, and some of the pitfalls they encountered while dealing with this issue.

College Rules-Bruce Eagleson
Do you want your children to succeed in college? Then you’ll want to hear Dr. Eagleson’s rules for success in college. Come and listen as Dr. Eagleson shares the tips that took him 40 years to learn. The Eagleson family has 33 years of post high school educational experience from which to draw.

Vocation: What it is and Why We Must Reintroduce this Biblical Concept -John Stonestreet
A secular education teaches students to make a living. A Christian education teaches students to make a life. The long, lost concept of calling is explored here, including clear Biblical teaching of how the concept applies beyond occupational ministry. Unlock a student’s vision and watch him change the world!

Learning Disabilities: Signals and Solution-Pauline Turton
As a classroom teacher and parent of two children with serious learning difficulties, Pauline Turton researched daily for seven years looking for ways to develop brain skills. Now, as Founder & Director of Breakthroughs in Learning, she is excited to help teaching parents identify some school room signals and apply practical solutions for children with learning disabilities.

The Changing World of Support Groups-Joanne van’t Voort
Be prepared to share the victories and pitfalls you have experienced in your support groups as Joanne leads you in a town hall type of session.  We will be discussing the blessings for parents as well as the students, what programs or activities have been a success and/or a disaster, conflict resolution, as well as the relevance of face to face support versus electronic support. Various support group related topics will be presented, and then you will be given time to make your comments or ask questions. We pray that God may use this as a special time of fellowship and sharing as we grow together in Him.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!-Elaine Togeretz
Often, parents are so excited about starting to educate their children in the short term that they neglect to work out their goals and plans for homeschooling in the long term. This can lead to inconsistency, insecurity and burnout. In this interactive workshop, Elaine will help you Get Ready as you formulate what home education is or isn’t; Get Set: begin to decide on your main goal for home education, and Go! by starting to work out plans for implementing your goals. You will leave this workshop with lots of ideas to formulate your own goals and plans that you can refer to later to remind yourself of your goals, check if you are on track, and make changes as necessary.

“Home School Dad…Call Me Crazy?”-John MacKinnon
John is a homeschooling father who has children who have graduated from homeschool high school and children who are still at home.  We will discuss why we home educate and how fathers can be involved. As a police officer for 24 years John has some insights from policing mixed with home education that may encourage and help men who are in any stage of their home education career.  John will explore the Biblical passages that talk about a father’s heart being turned towards his children and how we can open our minds to what God wants for us.

Surprises at the End of Homeschooling-Mary Ann Eagleson Are you just beginning the homeschooling journey? This session is for you, so you can learn in part what is ahead. Are you halfway through the homeschooling journey? This session is for you, for you may find some help to press on. Are you done or nearly done? This session is for you, because you are on the verge of some surprises and maybe you have some to share as well. Come explore with Mary Ann some of the delightful and daunting surprises at the end of homeschooling. The Eaglesons have now graduated their fourth and youngest child.

How To Find a Pearl of Great Price-Bruce Eagleson
Dr. Eagleson shares from his own experience what it takes to find a Pearl of Great Price. Bruce shares stories of when he did it wrong as well as when he did it right. This pearl is in your own house and it is up to you to find it.

Five Reasons Students Set Aside Their Faith-John Stonestreet
Why Do Students Walk Away from their Faith? Studies show that nearly 50% of students reject their faith in college, and 70% will no longer go to church after they leave home. Why is this happening? What can we do about it? Based on years of research and his experience working with students and parents all over the US, this seminar explores five reasons students walk away from the Christian faith. Suggestions are also made how we, as parents, teachers, and mentors, can keep this from happening.

HSLDA: A Guard at your Gate and Guide on your Journey-Cory McKenna
Have you fortified your family against the legal forces that threaten your homeschool? In this session, Cory McKenna (Vice President of Home School Legal Defence Association) will provide you with “need-to-know” legal information and the important updates affecting homeschoolers in Ontario.

Homeschooling: One of God’s Greatest Tools to Shape Us into His Image-Mary Ann Eagleson
When the laundry backs up, and the children’s books are missing, and there is conflict in the Co-op, the call to prayer seems so much more urgent.  Mary Ann will candidly, and sometimes humorously, share some of the ways these normal homeschooling moments and homeschooling at large have helped mold the character of Christ in the Eagleson family.

What do I do After High School?-Bruce Eagleson
The question of what to do after high school is difficult because there are so many options and each child is different. Dr. Eagleson will present some of the options and how you might go about deciding which direction to take next.

The Cultural Identity Crisis: The Key Question of our Times . . .-John Stonestreet
Biotechnology, international relations, perverted sexuality, gender confusion, the crisis in the family, fashion . . The key question that faces our civilization, at every turn, is what does it mean to be human. Inevitably, a culture that forgets God will forget what it means to be themselves. This session looks at that question in light of current cultural issues and gives Biblical answers.

Who Knew Math Could Be This Much Fun?-Karen Gauvreau
Lego, magnets, K’nex, balloons and pizza boxes….these are the items you will most likely find on Karen Gauvreau’s resource shelf. She will present a myriad of unique ideas to liven up any lesson. Learn to teach a variety of mathematical concepts using classic building toys, everyday objects, and music…the things kids love! Understand how to capture the interest of the most restless student – and be amazed at what they can learn when completely engaged. And do all this on a shoestring budget! You will leave inspired, equipped with a wealth of resources, and ready to play with a purpose. Who knows? Your children may beg you for five more minutes of multiplication before bedtime!

The Instruction Routine-Chris Pacholczak
Do your children have trouble doing what you asked them to do? Or do a half-way, half-hearted job?  Are you tired of nagging? Check out this practical and energetic workshop.  Parents will be equipped with a five step plan of communication for both the parent and the child, in order to increase cooperation in day-to-day life, and eliminate some frustration along the way! DO try this at home, and you’ll see immediate results in the child and yourself!  This session is one segment of the NCBP seminar entitled, ‘Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity.’  Chris understands the pressure today’s parents experience in raising and educating children.

Improving your Financial Health-Jewell Williams
This workshop is a fun and interactive way to learn: Eight easy steps to immediately improve your financial health. Ideas for saving money on your monthly expenses. Practical tips for aligning your spending with what’s truly important to you.
How to manage your finances on a single income. We are but stewards of His blessings!

A Relational Education-Sandy Rusby Bell
Educational Theorists have variously described children as blank slates to be written on, empty buckets to be filled and flowers to be pruned. Charlotte Mason taught something different. She believed that children were born persons created in the image of God with a desire and a right to be in relationship with Him and with all that He created. According to Mason, the purpose of education is to put a wide range of living relationships in the way of the child. In this session, suitable for people long familiar with Charlotte Mason and those meeting her for the first time, we will discuss how it is possible to share this kind of relational education with our children and how current research supports this methodology.

The Biblical View of Education:
Why Students Must Have A Christian Worldview-John Stonestreet
Christian education is more than education in a Christian environment. In fact, it is not a Christian education unless it confronts students with a Christian worldview. This seminar provides a model for education that is distinctly Christian, beginning with Christian assumptions, governed by Christian methodology, and moving towards Christian ends.


Using the Culture to Teach Worldviews-John Stonestreet
Rather than trying without success to teach students to avoid our culture, or to be intimidated by it, why not use culture to help them develop discernment? Avoiding culture is not only impossible, it is unbiblical. Methods are offered during this seminar to teach discernment, and to keep up with culture as an educator.

Around the Year – Creating Christian Family Traditions-Mary Ann Eagleson
“Mom, of all my childhood memories, doing Advent is among my most favorite. You need to share this with other parents.” The Eagleson’s 25 year old son, Nate, reported this to his mother several years ago. He and his three sisters still love doing Advent. One never knows what a child will bring into his adult world as a special memory, but the Eaglesons are rejoicing that a memory focused on Jesus is in Nate’s top choices, and their daughters have said the same. In this session, Mary Ann shares how the Eagleson family celebrates Advent and Christmas, as well as other special events throughout the year. You will explore the church calendar, some of the activities and resources used by the Eaglesons, as well as several thoughts as to how these activities can help us give our children a rich and enjoyable family legacy centered in the Lord.

Living to Die-Cory McKenna
As Christians, we live out our God-given call to leadership first and foremost in the context of our marriage and our family. As home educators, we have taken this call very seriously! However, the best way to confuse and destroy followers is to take down the leader and that is why enemy attacks are imminent in our homes and homeschools. This session will offer powerful life lessons in leadership and temptation, based on Christ’s victory over the devil in the wilderness.

The Value of Standing Alone-Bruce Eagleson
It is May 1940 and the decision of one man will change the course of World War II, and the course of democracy. In our current age of spreading democracy to the whole world, it is hard to imagine that just 65 years ago the survival of democracy was seriously in doubt. Dr. Eagleson will share the story of one man’s decision, and how it changed the world and what we can learn from it.

Beware of the Pitfalls (AKA Homeschooling 101)-Cheryl Burella
“Why can’t he understand division?” “Why can’t my child read yet?” “How does Mary keep her home so clean and homeschool?” “Where does she put all the stuff?” “I think it is time to put them in school!” “I don’t know what’s for dinner. Pour yourself a bowl of Cheerios, Sweetheart.” Truth is, it is a rare woman that has never said any of these things. We chuckle because we know how true it is. This workshop is packed full of practical practices for the struggling or new homeschooler to implement in her home. Special focus will be given to choosing curriculum, organizing everything, finding doable routine, motivating students, and being motivated yourself. Learn how to make the endless list of decisions and be an effective, teaching, domestic engineer without giving up your joy.

The Positive Conclusion: Ending Discipline Times With Impact-Chris Pacholczak
Do your children attempt to dodge responsibility for their actions by blaming others, developing victim mentality, piling up endless excuses, or justifying themselves? This type of behaviour can make things very difficult and overwhelming for parents.   Even more important, it is essential for a child to learn the ‘skill of confession’ in order to benefit from future life lessons and to develop healthy relationships in adulthood. This seminar equips parents with the ability to help children (from ages 3 to teens) take responsibility for themselves by imparting the ‘skill of confession’. The Positive Conclusion is a discussion a parent has with their child to clarify, plan, and encourage.  Parents just might develop a more healthy way of thinking about their mistakes too. This session is one segment of the NCBP seminar entitled, ‘Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity.

ADHD–Curse or Gift?-Donna Fawcett
In this hour workshop, Donna will share her own struggles with being ADHD in a family of ADHD siblings.  She will offer solutions from personal experience from her learning and from her children’s learning paths.

Scholarships 101–Jewell K. Williams, FIC
Have you started planning for your child’s post-secondary education? In this workshop you will see if there are any gaps in your Education Plan for your child/ren. You will also learn about the following: RESP’s, promoters, the leading company/organization that has paid out the most in scholarships from an RESP in the last decade; tax requirements/ implications, scholarships offered by Christian organizations and how the federal government contributes.

Movie Premier- Fidelity Books
Film Screening – “A Journey Home”
Freedom Film Distributors/Fidelity Books presents a screening of the film “A Journey Home”. Winner of the Jubilee Award for the best documentary at San Antonio Independent Film Festival. “A Journey Home”, tells the story of an extraordinary path travelled by the Tommy Waller Family. When his family life demanded change, Tommy Waller took a giant step. A life-changing film for many viewers, “A Journey Home” lovingly travels Tommy’s journey from 80 hour work weeks to a remote community in rural Tennessee, to the family’s current work on the other side of the world. An inspiring story for our fast paced demanding culture, sure to inspire its viewers. A brief introduction will be given to the complete complement of Franklin Springs Films. Family friendly – God-Honoring Films. Bring your lunch and enjoy the film.

Reading: What to do When it Doesn’t Come Easy
Pathways Educational Development-Sylvia Funk
Have you ever wondered: Why does my child skip lines, the endings of some words, small words or punctuation? Why can’t my child use the phonics rules to sound out words? Why does my child complain of headaches, sore or watering eyes, and fatigue when reading? Why can’t my child remember what he just read? Why does my child struggle with reading comprehension and word recognition? What am I doing wrong? You will have these and more questions answered at this interactive presentation as well as learn some simple activities to improve reading.

Teach Writing With Confidence
Excellent Resources-Bev Rempel
Bev Rempel, of Excellent Resources, shows ‘easy how to steps’ to teach your student the skills of writing without having to “come up” with the ideas. With the reluctant writer, development of “ideas and content” must be presented in a safe and gradual process. Simple, effective and practical techniques for teaching writing with structure and style are presented in a step-by-step method. Your students will experience success! Your confidence and success in teaching this often-neglected area of education will grow dramatically. GUARANTEED!
Afternoon Workshops

“Don’t Home College Me!”-Mary Ann Eagleson
So pleaded one Eagleson child, but Bruce and Mary Ann did.  All four of the Eagleson children have had some experience in this realm and two have graduated from a fully accredited “home college.” The Eaglesons will share how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, a model for doing it, and some of the challenges and blessings of traveling this road. An “Eaglet” or two may be on hand to give you a “bird’s eye view” of this experience. Come hear “The Rest of the Story!”

Here I Stand! – Martin Luther
-Bruce Eagleson Dr. Martin Luther will appear in person to share his story. He will recall his discovery that “the just shall live by faith.” Dr. Luther will then talk about how this revelation led to numerous conflicts for him. This story shows God was indeed a mighty bulwark never failing.

The Student Body of Christ
-Cory McKenna
It’s interesting that the only picture the Bible gives us of Jesus between infant and adult is in the role of a student. What might we learn from God’s education example? This session will offer helpful hints for structuring your homeschooling relationship and cultivating the love of learning for both teacher and student.

TEENS How We Lost Our Minds: The Challenge of Postmodernism-John Stonestreet
Everyone has heard that we live in a postmodern culture, but what does that even mean? This is a clear concise session on the basics of the postmodern worldview from both a historical and ideological perspective. This workshop includes teaching on the key figures of postmodernism.

Leaders Workshop-Beth Rockwell
Support Group leaders, Area Reps and Board Members: As home education for the high school years becomes more common, we’re seeing the need for programs or activities for these teens. Please join us for a panel discussion with chapter leaders whose groups have organized co-ops that vary in structure from laid back and relaxed social times to very structured academic class settings.

Ladies Tea ($2 at Registration Desk if not prepaid)
Ten (Out of Countless) Mistakes I’ve made as a Homeschooling Mom-Mary Ann Eagleson
In this contemplative, yet lighthearted session, Mary Ann shares with candor some of the mistakes she and Bruce have made during their family’s homeschooling journey, and the lessons God has taught them. This session is designed for over-motivated homeschooling parents who feel like a failure at times, and brings some “good news” despite our capacity to make mistakes.

Understanding Youth Culture-John Stonestreet
The most powerful culture shaping force in America is entertainment. It literally changes not only what we think about, but how we think. This seminar presents a fresh and Biblical understanding of entertainment, as well as strategies for helping students understand this cultural force and to respond Christianly, without being irrational or afraid of it.

Family Worship: A Key to Generational Faith-Jeff Rockwell
This session will explore the link between the practice of family worship and the transmission of real faith to the next generation. Practical (and Biblical!) tips will be offered to help you lead your family in the worship of God.

What’s Next for Homeschooling?-Bruce Eagleson
Dr. Eagleson will share some perspective on what the future may bring. In his position as Chairman of National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, he has the opportunity to meet many of those people who will shape the future of the homeschooling movement. He will share where he thinks we may be headed.